Author | Brittany Cote | OncLive

Author | Brittany Cote


Brahmer Highlights Practice-Changing Data in HER2-Mutated NSCLC

July 03, 2020


Julie R. Brahmer, MD, discusses the details of the DESTINY-Lung01 trial, as well as remaining questions that could be answered with further research.

Efficacy With Entrectinib in NTRK+ GI Cancers Indicates a Need for More Molecular Testing

July 01, 2020


Manish R. Patel, DO, further discusses next steps for entrectinib, as well as the need for genetic testing to identify uncommon gene rearrangements in GI malignancies.

Expert Shares Efforts to Expand Use of CAR T-Cell Therapy to Solid Tumors

June 30, 2020


Natalie Sophia Grover, MD, discusses ongoing research with CAR T-cell therapy in hematologic malignancies, efforts examining the potential for this approach in solid tumors, and future directions and challenges with this modality.

Fakih Fleshes Out Perceptions on Pembrolizumab Approval in TMB-High Solid Tumors

June 30, 2020


Marwan G. Fakih, MD, discusses the June 2020 FDA approval of pembrolizumab for use in select patients with unresectable or metastatic solid tumors that are tumor mutational burden–high provides a potentially life-saving option to those who have exhausted all other available therapies.