Remaining Challenges in CINV Treatment


Many challenges remain in the treatment and prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), particularly in the delayed phase, notes James Natale, PharmD, BCOP. Although much progress has been made, delayed nausea is still undertreated. There is a need for more data with regard to multi-day chemotherapy regimens, since the majority of clinical studies are for single-day chemotherapy regimens, says Natale.

There is also a lack of data in breakthrough nausea and vomiting, particularly with regard to nausea. Patients who experience breakthrough CINV are often difficult to treat with their subsequent cycles of chemotherapy, adds Natale. Adherence to oral antiemetics can be a problem for some patients, he notes. It is important to follow up with patients to ensure they are adhering to their prescribed regimen and that they are reporting any issues they may have.

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