Roswell Park Becomes Region's Only NPF Center for Pancreatic Cancer


The National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) has designated Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center as an NPF Center for pancreatic cancer.

The National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) has designated Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center as an NPF Center for pancreatic cancer.

The Buffalo-based cancer center is one of only 42 centers nationwide — and the only one in Western New York — to be named to this network of premier healthcare facilities recognized for their focus on multidisciplinary treatment of pancreas disease and for their commitment to treating “the whole patient,” with a focus on the best possible outcomes and an improved quality of life.

“We’re very proud of this designation because the NPF’s goal — to make it easier for pancreas cancer patients and their loved ones to learn about and access high-quality, multidisciplinary care and support services — is at the core of our program at Roswell Park,” says Renuka Iyer, MD, Section Chief for Gastrointestinal Oncology and Co-Director, along with Roderich Schwarz, MD, PhD, of Roswell Park’s Liver and Pancreas Tumor Center. “Pancreas cancer can be a devastating disease, so it’s important to us to support our patients and families as fully and as comprehensively as possible.”

“The multidisciplinary team at Roswell Park has unique expertise in caring for patients with pancreatic cancer, a notoriously complex and hard-to-treat disease. Because current standard-of-care therapies cannot cure this cancer, the best treatment for patients with pancreatic cancer is participation in a clinical trial. Roswell Park has a comprehensive clinical research program and offers access to state-of-the-art clinical trials,” adds Christos Fountzilas, MD, NPF Program Director at Roswell Park. “I encourage all patients with pancreatic cancer, before making any treatment decision, to look for clinical-trial options.”

The NPF Center designation is awarded following an extensive auditing process to centers that meet established criteria, such as having gastroenterologists, oncologists, pancreas surgeons and interventional radiologists on staff and offering patient-focused programs such as a pain management service and psychosocial support. Designated centers work to advance basic and clinical research and lead the way for heightened awareness and understanding of pancreas disease and related conditions among community physicians, allied health professionals, patients, families and the general public.

In announcing the addition of Roswell Park and three other centers to its network, Matthew Alsante, NPF Executive Director, noted: “We welcome these additional excellent treatment centers, offering excellent care to the thousands of patients who need it. These NPF Centers will also help to increase awareness of important NPF programs such as the National Patient Registry, the Animated Pancreas Patient and be a vital cog in the sharing and development of best practices.”

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