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James Mohler, MD, discusses what information should be included in a family history, based on the updated National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines for genetic testing in prostate cancer. 
Dr. Andrew Fabiano included in Spine Society's 20 Under 40, also named an ABNS guest examiner.
Second-generation immuno-oncology studies hold great promise for breaking through the known barriers highlighted by earlier research against metastatic breast cancer.
In a pair of new studies, researchers from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center outline strategies for overcoming pancreatic cancer’s resistance to treatment through approaches that exploit this cancer’s reliance on uncontrolled, or deregulated, cell proliferation.
The National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) has designated Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center as an NPF Center for pancreatic cancer.
Investigators at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York, are working on a variety of novel approaches, including developing prophylactic drug regimens, studying methods of rejuvenating the recipient’s immune system, and analyzing genetic characteristics to improve donor selection.
Paul Mayor, MD, Gynecologic Oncology Fellow, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, discusses neuroendocrine carcinoma in gynecologic tumors.
Eunice Wang, MD, chief, Leukemia Service, professor of Oncology, Departments of Medicine and Immunology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, discusses the results of the combination of crenolanib plus chemotherapy in a study of patients with acute myeloid leukemia.
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