Treatment Advances in Metastatic CRPC

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Raoul Concepcion, MD, leads the discussion on recent advances in treatment for mCRPC, including checkpoint inhibitors and novel hormonal agents. Neal Shore, MD, explains that checkpoints are in place to regulate T-cell activity and checkpoint inhibitors work by turning off these checkpoints and activating T cells.

Immunotherapies focus on addressing the patient’s immune system rather than directly treating the cancer itself, remarks Phillippa Cheetham, MD. Immunotherapy may play an especially important role in the treatment of patients with more aggressive disease.

Advances have also been made with regard to antiandrogens. Hormonal agents in development include ARN-509, ODM-201, and galeterone. Oliver Sartor, MD, comments that it is a very exciting time in terms of hormonal therapy and immunotherapy, and trial data will clarify the roles of each of these agents in the treatment of mCRPC.

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