Upcoming Live Broadcast to Feature Recent Data and Case Study in ALK+ Metastatic NSCLC

As the treatment landscape for ALK-positive metastatic non-small cell lung cancer continues to take shape, extended analyses of clinical trial data may offer additional clinical insight on the utility of approved therapies.

In an upcoming live broadcast, Alex Spira, MD, PhD, FACP, will share a case study in ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer and discuss recent study findings for an available treatment option. Additionally, they will take questions and share clinical perspective through a live question and answer session.

To obtain clinical perspective and learn about how these results may impact your patients and your practice, watch the live broadcast on Wednesday, 5/26 at 6:00pm ET or 8:00pm ET; or on Wednesday, 6/16 at 12:00pm ET or 3:00pm ET. To register for the event, visit https://studio.mjhassoc.com/reach/takedaoncbroadcast.

USO-NON-02520 04/21