Physician Extenders in Urology Practices, Part II - Episode 9

Urology Practice Management Peer Exchange

Moderator Raoul S. Concepcion, MD, summarizes the first half of the Urologist in Cancer Care Peer Exchange by noting that as costs and healthcare reform remain in a state of flux the goal of the community urologist should be to develop a practice model that places patients as a top priority. Concepcion believes this may involve partnering with a medical oncologist, to provide a multimodal approach. However, E. David Crawford, MD, warns that simply consulting one specialist may not provide the full picture and stresses the importance of a balanced opinion.

Overall, the panel agrees that a multidisciplinary approach with a focus on patient care is the best plan. Mark S. Austenfeld, MD, adds that despite a clear bias towards large groups, the majority of patients are treated in one or two urologist practices, which makes providing a multidisciplinary approach challenging.