Videos From the 5th International Adrenal Cancer Conference

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Videos from the 5th International Adrenal Cancer Conference

Sponsored by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Endocrine Oncology Adrenal Cancer Program, the 5th International Adrenal Cancer Symposium is an exciting combination of science, clinical care and resources for the physician and patient.

The Conference covers all aspects of the study of adrenal cancer and the treatment of patients with the disease. Researchers from around the world participated in oral and poster sessions that highlighted the current state of adrenal cancer research. Topics included adrenal cancer epidemiology, pathogenesis, genetics, cancer stem cells, current and emerging therapies, mouse models of adrenal cancer, and recent developments in tumor profiling.

The congress promotes the expansion of worldwide collaborations and tumor registries that facilitate research and impact adrenal cancer patient care. This event fosters and enables international interaction at a multidisciplinary level in order to strengthen an integrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of adrenal cancer.

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