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Efforts Continue to Increase Immunotherapy Impact in Gynecologic Cancers

Caroline Seymour
Published: Tuesday, Jul 10, 2018

John A. Glaspy, MD

John A. Glaspy, MD

Immunotherapy has demonstrated efficacy in a number of solid and liquid tumors, and although responses in ovarian cancer have yet to mirror those in other malignancies, John A. Glaspy, MD, explained that, though limited, immunotherapy is not completely inactive.

State of the Science Summit™ on Ovarian Cancer, Glaspy, professor of medicine, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC), director, JCCC Clinical Research Unit and Women's Cancer Research Program, University of California, Los Angeles, discussed challenges and progress with immunotherapy in gynecologic cancers.

OncLive: How has immunotherapy impacted the field of ovarian cancer, if at all?

Glaspy: Immunotherapy has been an exploding field over the last few years. It's revolutionized the treatment of some cancers, especially melanoma and other skin cancers, lung cancer, bladder cancer, and others. It has not been nearly as effective in the treatment of [patients with] breast cancer and colon cancer. It has been disappointing but not totally inactive in ovarian cancer. The question is, “Is there a way to make it work as well in ovarian cancer as it does in, say, melanoma? If that is possible, what is the path to that?”
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