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Neoadjuvant Palbociclib/Pertuzumab Regimen Active in ER/HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

Jason Harris
Published: Friday, Feb 02, 2018

 Luca Gianni, MD

Luca Gianni, MD
The neoadjuvant combination of palbociclib (Ibrance), pertuzumab (Perjeta), fulvestrant (Faslodex), and trastuzumab (Herceptin), cut expression of Ki67 and induced an overall clinical response of 29% in women with ER-positive/HER2-positive breast cancer.1

“The NA-PHER2 study reflects what might be the future: optimum study design combining extensive biological assessment, limited population accrual, early exposure in a neoadjuvant setting, and original endpoints based on tumor biological changes as indicators of early activity,” wrote Pivot and Cox. “On the other hand, such modern designs need prudence with respect to the effect of the clinical trial on cure status, and vigilance addressing access to standard well-established strategies for cure.”
  1. Gianni L, Bisagni G, Colleoni M, et al. Neoadjuvant treatment with trastuzumab and pertuzumab plus palbociclib and fulvestrant in HER2-positive, ER-positive breast cancer (NA-PHER2): an exploratory, open-label, phase 2 study [published online January 8, 2018]. Lancet Oncol. 2018; 2:249-256. doi: 10.1016/S1470-2045(18)30001-9.
  2. Pivot X, Cox DG. A new era for treatment development in HER2-positive breast cancer [published online January 8, 2018]. Lancet Oncol. 2018; 2:160-162. doi: 10.1016/ S1470-2045(18)30002-0.

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