Alexey Danilov, MD, PhD, City of Hope


Emerging Agents for R/R MZL

December 21st 2021

Drs. Alexey Danilov and Tycel Jovelle Phillips share insight on emerging agents and future directions for the management of marginal zone lymphoma.

Selecting the Appropriate Treatment in R/R MZL

December 21st 2021

Alexey Danilov, MD, and Tycel Jovelle Phillips, MD, discuss strategies for selecting the appropriate treatment for patients with relapsed/refractory marginal zone lymphoma.

CHRONOS-3 in MZL: Results and Clinical Implications

December 13th 2021

Tycel Jovelle Phillips, MD, discusses recent updates from the CHRONOS-3 trial of copanlisib in R/R MZL and clinical implications of the results of this study.

Treatment Options for MZL: Second Line and Beyond

December 13th 2021

Experts in hematology/oncology discuss second-line and beyond treatment options for patients with MZL and comment on copanlisib monotherapy for the management of R/R MZL as seen in the phase 2 CHRONOS-1 study.

Overview of Marginal Zone Lymphoma and Frontline Treatment

December 6th 2021

Tycel Jovelle Phillips, MD, and Alexey Danilov, MD, share insights on common signs and symptoms of marginal zone lymphoma and approaching initial therapy.

Novel Agents and Ongoing Trials in R/R Follicular Lymphoma

December 6th 2021

Dr Tycel Jovelle Phillips reviews key ongoing trials in relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma.

Role of Tazemetostat and Selecting Appropriate Therapies in R/R FL

November 29th 2021

Expert hematologist-oncologists examine the use of tazemetostat based on a phase 2 trial for relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma and consider clinical implications.

CHRONOS-1 and CHRONOS-3 Trials in R/R FL and Clinical Implications

November 29th 2021

Dr Alexey Danilov reviews the 2-year follow-up of the phase 2 CHRONOS-1 study evaluating the use of copanlisib monotherapy in relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma.

Treatment Options for Follicular Lymphoma: Second Line and Beyond

November 22nd 2021

Tycel Jovelle Phillps, MD, shares second-line treatment approaches for the management of follicular lymphoma and examines the use of PI3K inhibitors.