Barbara Jones


Data Support Safety and Benefit of Chemotherapy Before Radical Cystectomy

August 14th 2013

Preoperative chemotherapy was not a predictor of postoperative complications, nor did it increase the length of hospital stays or surgical complications among patients undergoing radical cystectomy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

In Some Renal Cell Tumors, Volume More Prognostic Than Size

August 7th 2013

Current T staging for renal cell carcinoma does not capture the full picture of tumor volume, which data have shown to be more predictive of survival and recurrence in certain types of cancer.

Compassion Fatigue and the Challenge of Developing Resilience

August 5th 2013

If the job of oncology nurse comes with satisfactions it also comes with an abundance of stress, even more than what oncologists and other medical professionals experience, according to research.

Patients and Survivors Harness the Healing Potential of Diets, Herbs, and Supplements

July 18th 2013

A growing proportion of cancer patients and cancer survivors are adopting CAM diets and taking herbs, vitamins, and supplements for their healing properties-not in place of standard cancer therapy, but along with it and beyond treatment.

Integrating Genetics and Genomics in GYN Patient Navigation

July 11th 2013

Cancer centers are beginning to establish oncology nurse navigator programs with integrated processes for assessment, identification, referral, education, care, and support for patients whose gynecologic cancers may be genetically-based.