Cynthia Lynch, MD


Treating Brain Metastases and the future of HER2+ mBC

May 12th 2022

Closing out her discussion on HER2+ metastatic breast cancer, Cynthia Lynch, MD, shares her excitement for treatment strategies in the setting of brain metastases.

HER2+ mBC: Sequencing Novel Treatment Regimens

May 5th 2022

In the context of recently approved novel regimens, expert Cynthia Lynch, MD, revisits the optimal sequencing of therapy for patients with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer.

Recently Approved Regimens for HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

May 5th 2022

Data from the HER2CLIMB, NALA, and SOPHIA trials that led to the FDA approval of respective agents in the setting of HER2+ metastatic breast cancer.

Impact of DESTINY-Breast03 on Real-World Management of HER2+ mBC

April 28th 2022

Focusing on real-world treatment selection, Cynthia Lynch, MD, considers how the DESTINY-Breast03 trial impacted her practice and broader treatment guidelines.

HER2+ mBC: Safety Outcomes From the DESTINY-Breast03 Trial

April 28th 2022

Insight on the safety events observed in the DESTINY-Breast03 trial and how this translates to real-world adverse event management in HER2+ metastatic breast cancer.

DESTINY-Breast03: T-DXd in HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

April 21st 2022

Expert perspectives on the DESTINY-Breast03 trial, which compared T-DXd to T-DM1 in the setting of relapsed/refractory HER2+ metastatic breast cancer.

HER2+ mBC: Overview of Treatment Options and Sequencing

April 21st 2022

Expert perspectives on novel management of HER2+ metastatic breast cancer in the context of recent clinical trials and FDA approvals.