David Tom Cooke, MD, FCCP, FACS


MEDCAC Ruling on Lung Cancer Screening

May 1st 2014

The MEDCAC ruling will likely lead to non-coverage of lung cancer screening with low dose CT scans for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Learn More About Robotic Thoracic Surgery Offered at UC Davis

September 18th 2013

The section of General Thoracic Surgery at UC Davis is offering Robotic Thoracic Surgery to further enhance our top regional minimally invasive thoracic surgery program.

Comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening at UC Davis

August 28th 2013

UC Davis CLSP is a multidisciplinary program for comprehensive lung cancer screening.

New Point-of-Care App, PulmaCalc PPO, Predicted Post-operative Pulmonary Function Calculator

August 22nd 2013

Brought to you by the UC Davis Section of General Thoracic Surgery: PulmaCalc PPO is a predicted post-operative pulmonary function calculator

What is the New Lung Cancer Staging System?

January 12th 2013

The 7th edition TNM staging system for NSCLC is an exciting accomplishment, and will help the clinician to better understand the outcomes of lung cancer and offers an exciting advance to our specialty.

Introducing the UC Davis Lung Cancer Chat Room

January 10th 2013

The UC Davis Lung Cancer Chat Room is an interactive meeting of learning and support for patients, families, friends and caregivers affected by lung cancer.

What is Thoracic Surgery?

December 8th 2011

"What is Thoracic Surgery?" is a good question.

Welcome to UCD ChestHealth!

October 3rd 2011

Welcome to UCD ChestHealth, the official blog of UC Davis Thoracic Surgery.