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Author | J. Michael Dixon, MD


Dr. Dixon on Prevalence and Risk Factors of Male Breast Cancer

August 10, 2016


J. Michael Dixon, MD, professor of Surgery, consultant surgeon, and clinical director of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Unit at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, discusses the prevalence of and risk factors for breast cancer in males.

Dr. Dixon on Informing a Patient Before Mastectomy

April 19, 2013


J. Michael Dixon, MBChB, MD, discusses the need for physicians to inform patients of the pros and cons before having a mastectomy.

Dr. Dixon on the Discrepancy in the Rate of Mastectomies

March 25, 2013


J. Michael Dixon, MBChB, MD, Professor of Surgery, Consultant Surgeon, University of Edinburgh, Clinical Director of the Edinburgh Breast Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland, discusses the discrepancy in the rate of mastectomies.

Dr. Dixon Advises Against Mastectomies

April 26, 2012


Dr. J. Michael Dixon, from Western General Hospital, Scotland, Advises Against Mastectomies