Jamie Cesanek


Empathy Matters Most: Steven T. Rosen Is a Giant of Cancer Care in Lymphoma

March 17th 2022

“I still have about 250 active patients with blood cancers, and every single one has my cell phone. I do everything in real time....That connection is very important and meaningful for me.”

Initial Treatment With Lenvatinib Prolongs Survival for Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma

January 21st 2022

Initial treatment with lenvatinib in patients with Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stage B2 hepatocellular carcinoma helped prolong survival.

Radical Sentinel Lymph Node and Axillary Lymph Node Dissection Can Negatively Affect Outcomes in Patients With Early-Stage Breast Cancer

December 16th 2021

Data presented from the INSEMA trial during the 2021 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium indicated that patients with early-stage breast cancer had better quality of life outcomes when forgoing a sentinel lymph node biopsy and axillary lymph node dissection. However, patients had improved arm symptoms and functioning with SLNB vs ALND.

First-Line Itolizumab Associated With High Rates of Clinical Response, Tolerability in Acute GVHD

December 13th 2021

The first-in-class monoclonal antibody treatment for acute graft-versus-host disease had durable responses and tolerability for patients.

Frontline and Continuous Treatment With Ibrutinib Plus Rituximab Improves Quality of Life in Patients With CLL

December 12th 2021

Quality of life improved in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia when treated in the frontline setting with ibrutinib-rituximab and with fludarabine, cyclophosphamide, and rituximab. Improved quality of life was also maintained during continuous therapy with ibrutinib and did not decline over time.

Selinexor Plus D-Vd Shows Promising Results and Safety in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma

December 12th 2021

Selinexor in combination with daratumumab, bortezomib and dexamethasone demonstrated a manageable safety profile and encouraging efficacy in patients with late- and early-relapsed multiple myeloma.

Prednisone Added to ADT Plus Docetaxel Improves Radiographic PFS and OS in mCSPC

September 19th 2021

Prednisone added to androgen-deprivation therapy plus docetaxel improved radiographic progression-free survival and overall survival in patients with de novo metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer.

Cilta-Cel Emerges as Potential CAR T-Cell Option in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma

September 10th 2021

The CAR T-cell therapy ciltacabtagene autoleucel has emerged as a potentially durable treatment strategy for patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma who have progressed on 1 to 3 prior lines of treatment and are refractory to lenalidomide.

KRd-ASCT Improves Long-Term PFS in Multiple Myeloma

September 9th 2021

The effectiveness of this treatment in patients with multiple myeloma may be an option for a patient population who represent an unmet need.

Iberdomide Combination Shows Promise and Tolerability in Multiple Myeloma

September 9th 2021

Iberdomide combined with dexamethasone and either daratumumab, bortezomib, or carfilzomib showed efficacy and tolerability in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma.

CAR T-Cell Therapy-Associated Toxicities Could Be Mitigated With Anakinra Prophylaxis in Multiple Myeloma

June 11th 2021

The incidence of grade ≥2 cytokine release syndrome was lower in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma who received anakinra prophylaxis with orvacabtagene autoleucel, a B-cell maturation antigen-targeted CAR T-cell therapy.

Alectinib Fails to Improve OS in ALK-Positive NSCLC

June 5th 2021

In a final overall survival analysis of the J-ALEX study, patients with non-small cell lung cancer receiving alectinib failed to achieve better results than patients receiving crizotinib.

Updated Findings Confirm Long-Term Survival Benefit with Durvalumab in NSCLC

June 4th 2021

Data from an updated analysis of the phase 3 PACIFIC trial indicate that treatment with durvalumab after chemoradiotherapy is associated with long-term survival improvements in patients with unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer.

Extended Treatment With Darolutamide Well Tolerated, Prolongs Survival in Nonmetastatic CRPC

June 4th 2021

Darolutamide remained well tolerated with a highly favorable safety profile when combined with androgen deprivation therapy in the treatment of patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.