Jane de Lartigue


Next Steps for KRAS Inhibitors Focus on Tackling Resistance

January 17th 2022

The recent approval of sotorasib for the treatment of patients with advanced KRAS G12C–mutant non–small cell lung cancer marks a milestone for cancer therapy.

New Players Join Quest for a Therapeutic Foothold Against TGFβ

January 3rd 2022

Bintrafusp Alfa, a novel fusion protein designed to target the transforming growth factor beta pathway, racked up 3 clinical trial disappointments in less than a year, leaving the future of its development in question.

New Class of Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Makes Headway in Prostate Cancer

October 21st 2021

Investigators have made great strides in the development of radiopharmaceuticals for prostate cancer diagnostics, culminating in recent FDA approvals for the first prostate-specific membrane antigen–targeted radioligands, gallium 68–PSMA-11 and piflufolastat F 18, for the detection of disease recurrence and metastatic lesions.

ALK Inhibitor Success Prompts Search for a Role Beyond NSCLC

August 25th 2021

The rapid development of novel agents directed at anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene fusions has emerged as one of the success stories of the targeted therapy era in non–small cell lung cancer

Next Generation of PDGFR Inhibitors Makes Headway in GIST

May 25th 2021

Dysregulated platelet-derived growth factor receptor signaling is implicated in a number of cancer types and is among the targets of many FDA-approved multikinase inhibitors.

RET Inhibition Holds Tumor-Agnostic Potential

April 26th 2021

The development of novel therapies aimed at tumors with RET alterations in non-small cell lung cancer and thyroid cancers sets the stage for a future tumor-agnostic role for this molecularly targeted approach.

The Many Shades of KRAS: Investigators Seek to Exploit Heterogeneity in Mutations

March 3rd 2021

KRAS has topped the most wanted list of therapeutic targets in oncology for decades, but it has resolutely resisted all efforts, garnering it a reputation as undruggable.

Novel Strategies for Targeting the “Guardian of the Genome” Emerge

October 22nd 2020

p53 presents a significant challenge for investigators, and the field is littered with clinical trial failures and abandoned drug development programs.

Novel Combos May Jumpstart the CD40 Immune-Stimulating Checkpoint

July 8th 2020

Investigators are working on a new generation of therapies that activate CD40, an immune checkpoint that helps promote an antitumor response by boosting T-cell–stimulatory signals.

Study Supports Combining c-MET Targeted Therapies With Angiogenesis Inhibitors

April 16th 2012

Agents that target the c-MET pathway may prove to have significant benefit when combined with inhibitors of angiogenesis.