Melody Watson


Positive Results from First Randomized Study Assessing T-VEC/Ipilimumab Combo in Advanced Melanoma

July 7th 2017

The addition of T-VEC (T-VEC; Imlygic), a herpes simplex virus 1-based oncolytic virus, to CTLA-4 inhibitor ipilimumab (Yervoy) improves the objective response rate in patients with unresected stage IIIb to IV melanoma.

Pembrolizumab Demonstrates Long-Term OS Benefit in Advanced Melanoma

July 6th 2017

Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) provides a long-term survival benefit in both ipilimumab-naïve and ipilimumab-treated patients with advanced melanoma.

PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitors Arrive in Merkel Cell Carcinoma

July 1st 2017

Immune checkpoint inhibitors against PD-1 and PD-L1 are showing promise across clinical trials for patients with Merkel cell carcinoma.

Dabrafenib Shows Remarkable Intracranial Activity in Patients With BRAF-Mutant Melanoma and Brain Metastases

June 30th 2017

Monotherapy with potent BRAF inhibitor dabrafenib (Tafinlar) resulted in a disease control rate of 83% in patients with BRAF-mutant melanoma and brain metastases.

Weighing Efficacy and Tolerability for Adjuvant Ipilimumab in Advanced Melanoma

June 30th 2017

Treatment with ipilimumab has been shown to improve overall survival; however, this efficacy often comes with toxicity.

Adjuvant PD-1 Inhibition on Horizon in Melanoma

June 30th 2017

Several clinical trials are examining the use of adjuvant PD-1 inhibition for patients with melanoma, with a potential new standard of care on the horizon for those at high risk of recurrence following resection.