Mike Hennessy


Pharma Innovation Is Saving the World

January 18th 2021

Before New Year’s Day, millions of Americans had received the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine, including frontline physicians and health care providers and nursing home patients, our most vulnerable citizens.

Independence Versus Survival

October 2nd 2017

It can be tough running a community-based oncology practice. Hospitals are expanding their oncology operations, there is a shortage of oncologists—particularly business-minded oncologists—and public and private payers have made it more difficult to get paid.

Kicking Off the Fall Season With Collaboration in Mind

October 2nd 2017

With cancer being such a difficult disease to understand, treat, and—of course—cure, any knowledge that advances practice is invaluable.

New Era in Melanoma

September 28th 2017

It was just 6 years ago that options for patients with metastatic melanoma began to expand. In 2011, the approval of ipilimumab (Yervoy), the pioneering checkpoint immunotherapy for patients with unresectable or metastatic disease, marked the first milestone.

Why Oncology Can Be a Tough Sell in Maine

September 20th 2017

Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy may soon hit the market, and numerous cancer care centers are poised to offer this for what may be the first FDA-approved indication: relapsed/refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Bringing AUA Advances Into the Clinic

August 17th 2017

The American Urological Association Annual Meeting features stellar research, engaging panel discussions, and informative lectures from experts in the field, but it also offers an opportunity for urologists from around the world to gather.

Medical Tech Is a Marriage of Something Old, Something New

June 20th 2017

State-of-the-art technology is as valuable in oncology as it is everywhere else. However, new technology is not always available to providers, and when it is, it may not be used to its fullest potential.

Deeper Understanding Leading to Better Care for Patients With Prostate Cancer

June 17th 2017

Although the past few months have seen several androgen receptor resistance, and described drug approvals for bladder cancer therapies, a wealth of research also is moving the field of prostate cancer forward, since gaining a better understanding of the disease is the best way to find out how to optimally treat—and perhaps ultimately cure—prostate cancer.

Saluting the Giants

May 24th 2017

Acting on the Genome

May 1st 2017

Although there has been much discussion in recent months about the promise of precision medicine to improve outcomes for patients with cancer, the challenges and complexities of reaching that goal become strikingly evident as soon as we start trying to individualize therapies based on molecularly identified targets.

It Takes a Big Mess to Create a Clean Room

May 1st 2017

The clock is ticking on the anticipated implementation of the US Pharmacopeial Convention Chapter 800 (USP ) standards for hazardous drug management, which are expected to become widely enforceable starting July 1, 2018.

Dedicated Efforts Are Paying Off in Immunotherapy

May 1st 2017

In recent years, immunotherapy advancements have generated much excitement in oncology, and that is no different in the urologic arena.

Biosimilar Era Arrives

April 28th 2017

Although biosimilar versions of branded medicines have been proliferating in other parts of the world for more than a decade, we’re still getting accustomed to the introduction of these new therapeutic options in the United States.

Staying Vigilant

April 13th 2017

Survivorship care for patients who have had cancer is a relatively new phenomenon in the oncology field. After all, the transformation of many cancers from fatal to chronic conditions has occurred in less than a decade. Not surprisingly, then, the science of survivorship care is still evolving, too.

Caught up in Change

April 5th 2017

The relentless pace of change in cancer research and care is hardly news to practicing oncologists. It is worthwhile, however, to pause at times and ponder the implications of the speed and complexity of those developments.

The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

April 4th 2017

When it comes to achievements in the war against cancer, there’s much to celebrate, ASCO said in its fourth annual report on the state of cancer care in America, which we discuss in our lead story this month for Oncology Business ManagementTM.

From Sidelines to Front Lines

March 28th 2017

One of the most gratifying aspects of the current age of discovery in anticancer therapy is the evolution of once-fatal malignancies into chronic diseases. The pace of progress, however, has not been equal across tumor types.

The Clinician’s Power

March 18th 2017

As cancer therapy becomes increasingly high tech, it is often easy to overlook the contributions that individual oncologists make to advancements in the eld simply by being top-notch clinicians who are observant and concerned about their patients.

CARs Ready to Roll

March 5th 2017

Although the concept of using genetically engineered T cells to fight cancer has been under study for more than 50 years, the most dramatic strides in designing new therapies have come in the past several years.

A Change of Horses in Midstream

March 5th 2017

The Affordable Care Act has given rise to healthcare upon which many now depend. Those with an ear to the tracks in Washington, DC, believe that something new is definitely on the way.