Saluting the Giants

OncologyLive, Vol. 18/No. 11, Volume 18, Issue 11

OncLive Chairman,

Mike Hennessy

The compassion and dedication that is evident among oncology researchers and practitioners has always been a source of inspiration not only to patients but also to those who follow developments in the field. Yet at times it seems as if our society fails to recognize the heroic efforts that healthcare professionals make to bring the best care to patients and their families.

With that in mind, OncLive® embarked on a program to recognize the physicianscientists who have brought about the remarkable advances in cancer care and outcomes that we have been privileged to witness. It is our pleasure to do so again this year.

For the fifth consecutive year, we are saluting the Giants of Cancer Care®. This year’s class consists of 12 honorees whose achievements have advanced care throughout the spectrum of malignancies in broad and deep ways. These include discoveries about the genomic drivers of breast cancer, new targeted therapies in hematologic malignancies, chemotherapy in prostate cancer, and immune system biology.

The efforts of this year’s award winners have directly contributed to the longer lifespans and improved quality of life that patients with cancer have been able to experience. The honorees were chosen from more than 300 nominees from the United States and countries throughout the world. An elite group of oncology leaders culled through the candidates to name finalists and a selection committee voted on the winners.

In this issue of OncologyLive®, we are introducing the Giants through their achievements— the research milestones, the benchmarks in care, the professional roles they’ve filled. As the year unfolds, we offer more detailed profiles of the Giants in order to present a richer picture of the challenges and circumstances they faced on their road to success.

In some ways, we are all on a journey when it comes to cancer. We are hard pressed to name a single person whose life has not been touched by cancer through their own experience or that of a family member, friend, or co-worker. Celebrating the achievements of the Giants of Cancer Care® helps us share a bit of that journey.

Congratulations to all the winners. We hope you share our joy in bringing their stories to you. And, as always, thank you for reading