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Author | Paul R. Sieber, MD


Where Sipuleucel-T Fits in the Treatment of mCRPC

August 09, 2019


Sipuleucel-T received an FDA approval in 2010 and a subsequent CMS coverage decision in 2011. At Lancaster Urology in Pennsylvania, we began infusing sipuleucel-T in 2011, and at the 7-year mark, we conducted a review to evaluate these first years of therapy.

Dr. Sieber on the CHAARTED Trial

January 08, 2015


Paul Sieber, MD, principal investigator for clinical trials with Lancaster Urology, talks about the CHAARTED trial, which examines chemohormonal therapy versus androgen ablation for extensive disease in prostate cancer.

Dr. Sieber on Managing Bone Health After ADT

May 25, 2012


Dr. Paul Sieber, from the Urological Association of Lancaster, on Managing Bone Health After the Introduction of ADT.