Rafael Fonseca, MD


CAR T-Cell Therapy in RRMM: Adverse Event Management

August 18th 2022

Expert perspectives on how to manage adverse events associated with CAR T-Cell therapy in patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.

CAR T-Cell Therapy: KarMMa Study and the Role of Ide-Cel in RRMM

August 18th 2022

Shared insight on clinical trial data behind the KarMMa trial of ide-cel, a CAR T-cell therapy, in patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.

CAR T-Cell Therapy: CARTITUDE-1 Study and the Role of Cilta-Cel in RRMM

August 11th 2022

Shifting their focus to CAR T-cell therapies, expert hematologist-oncologists review data from the CARTITUDE-1 trial of cilta-cel and its subgroup analyses.

Selection and Sequencing Of Bispecific Antibodies in RRMM and Key Takeaways

August 11th 2022

Focusing on recent clinical trial data, expert panelists take a broad look at how they might select and sequence bispecific antibody therapies in practice.

Addressing Adverse Events With Bispecific Antibodies with Focus on CRS Management

August 4th 2022

Shared insight on the adverse event profiles of novel bispecific antibody therapies, with specific focus on how CRS can be adequately managed by the health care team.

Talquetamab, Cevostamab and Elranatamab in RRMM

August 4th 2022

After reviewing other novel bispecific antibodies including talquetamab, cevostamab, and elranatamab in RRMM, panelists consider how these agents compare and might be selected for specific patients.

Teclistamab in RRMM: Patient Selection and Combining Therapies

July 28th 2022

Shifting toward the practical use of bispecific antibody teclistamab in RRMM, experts consider appropriate patient selection and investigational combination strategies.

BCMA-Targeting Bispecifics in RRMM: MajesTEC-1 Trial and Real-World Data for Teclistamab

July 28th 2022

Focusing on relapsed/refractory MM, expert panelists review data from MajesTEC-1 and consider how bispecific antibodies are impacting the treatment paradigm.

RRMM: Treatment Options in Early Relapse and in Triple-Class Refractory MM

July 21st 2022

Ajai Chari, MD provides an overview of treatment options in patients with multiple myeloma at first relapse and those with triple-refractory disease

Selecting Optimal Therapy in Transplant-Ineligible NDMM and Key Takeaways

July 21st 2022

Expert hematologist-oncologists home in on clinical trial data to consider which regimens are most appropriate for patients with transplant-ineligible NDMM.

Transplant-Ineligible NDMM: MAIA Study and SWOG-S0777 Studies

July 14th 2022

An overview of the frontline treatment armamentarium for patients with transplant-ineligible multiple myeloma and review of the MAIA and SWOG-S0777 trials.

Role of Maintenance Therapy and Key Takeaways in Transplant-Eligible NDMM

July 14th 2022

Before closing out their discussion on transplant-eligible NDMM, expert panelists consider the role of maintenance therapy following transplant.

Transplant-Eligible NDMM: Optimal Duration of Treatment

July 6th 2022

Expert perspectives on the optimal duration of treatment in patients with transplant-eligible newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.

Transplant-Eligible NDMM: Assessing Response to Therapy and Role of MRD Negativity

July 6th 2022

Comprehensive discussion on the assessment of response to frontline therapy for transplant-eligible multiple myeloma and the role of MRD negativity in assessing response.

Quadruplet Therapy in Transplant-Eligible NDMM: Implications of GRIFFIN and MASTER Studies

June 29th 2022

Shared insight on clinical trial results from both the GRIFFIN and MASTER trials, and the key role of frontline quadruplet regimens in transplant-eligible NDMM.

Evaluating Frontline Treatment Strategies in NDMM: The DETERMINATION Trial

June 29th 2022

Expert hematologist-oncologists open their discussion on NDMM management by reviewing frontline data from the recent DETERMINATION trial.

Dr. Fonseca on the Shift Toward Frontline Quadruplet Regimens in Multiple Myeloma

January 26th 2021

Rafael Fonseca, MD, discusses the shift toward frontline quadruplet regimens in multiple myeloma.

Dr. Fonseca on Weighing the Risks With Potential Benefits of Quadruplet Regimens in Myeloma

January 18th 2021

Rafael Fonseca, MD, weighs the risks and benefits of quadruplet regimens in patient with multiple myeloma.

Dr. Fonseca Discusses Key Data in Multiple Myeloma

January 15th 2021

Rafael Fonseca, MD, discusses key data in multiple myeloma.

Dr. Fonseca on the Emergence of MRD in Multiple Myeloma

January 13th 2021

Rafael Fonseca, MD, discusses the emergence of minimal residual disease in multiple myeloma.