Author | Raoul S. Concepcion, MD | OncLive

Author | Raoul S. Concepcion, MD


A Call to Educate

March 04, 2017


Raoul S. Concepcion, MD, calls for increased oncology education and information sharing among the urology community across the globe, as urologists play a critical role in delivering and managing cancer treatment.

The Times They Are a Changin'

January 05, 2017


As a result of the most recent presidential election, it is a big unknown what the new administration will bring as it relates to the future of healthcare in the US.

In Politics, Not Everybody Works Well Together

August 11, 2016


The lack of cooperation and inability to compromise, at the expense of our country’s best interests, has resulted in gridlock.

Troubles Ahead

June 25, 2016


Over the past few months, an alarming number of events have surfaced that we, as providers of oncologic urology care, should take notice.