Shalmali Pal


There's No Place Like a Medical Home: Premier Medical Group Focuses on Full-scale Patient-Centered Care

December 28th 2014

It's not uncommon for a business to use a superlative in its name, but Premier Medical Group in Poughkeepsie, NY, truly lives up to its moniker.

A Sizable Success: UroPartners Balances Operation of Large Practice with Provision of Singular Care

June 9th 2014

One of the ongoing debates in US politics involves the pros and cons of big government versus small government: Does big automatically equal bureaucracy and groupthink while small inherently fosters individual creativity and enterprise?

Built for the Long Haul: Michigan Institute of Urology Offers Reliable Care in Turbulent Times

February 13th 2014

An inside look at how the Michigan Institute of Urology is navigating the shifting healthcare and civic landscape.

United in Tulsa: Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma Is a Model of Collaboration

October 4th 2013

USO co-founders John Forrest, MD, and Robert Bruce, MD, have known each other since the fourth grade. They both attended medical school at the University of Oklahoma and, after some time away from home, ultimately joined two different, well-established practices in north and south Tulsa.

Taking Care of Business: Regional Urology Offers Consistent Care Despite Tumultuous Times

August 22nd 2013

Change may not always be pleasant, but it is inevitable, and nowhere has that been more evident recently than in US healthcare; however, for the physicians at Regional Urology in Shreveport, Louisiana, these changes are really just business as usual.

The Urology Center of Colorado: Raising the Bar for Collaborative Urologic Care

June 11th 2013

"If you build it, they will come," became a catchphrase thanks to the 1989 movie "Field of Dreams." For the founders of The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC), it was more than just a saying.

Blazing the Oregon Trail: Oregon Urology Institute Nurtures Its Position as a Urology Care Leader

March 19th 2013

An interview with Bryan Mehlhaff, MD, and retired physician Robert Litin, MD, about how Oregon Urology Institute is adapting its well-established practice to an ever-shifting healthcare landscape.

A United Front: Chesapeake Urology Associates Puts Its Singular Spin on Integrative Care

January 17th 2013

When the founding partners of Chesapeake Urology Associates (CUA) in Maryland decided to merge their practices, Sanford J. Siegel, MD, CUA's president and CEO, drew inspiration from another consolidation process.

Desert Harmony: Urological Associates of Southern Arizona Strives for Collaborative Cancer Care

August 13th 2012

At Urological Associates of Southern Arizona, "collaboration" is not just a buzzword, it's part and parcel of the daily practice.

The Urology Group: Balancing Expansion With Commitment to the Community

July 13th 2012

In tough economic times when many medical practices have scaled back or even shut down, The Urology Group has flourished.