Tiffany A. Traina, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Addressing Treatment Gaps in HER2+ MBC

December 13th 2021

Unmet needs regarding the selection and sequencing of therapies for patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

Optimizing Therapy in HER2+ MBC Across the Globe

December 13th 2021

A global perspective on managing patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer through multiple lines of therapy based on treatment advances.

Therapeutic Sequencing in HER2+ MBC

December 13th 2021

A global perspective pertaining to how to best sequence therapies used to treat HER2+ metastatic breast cancer based on treatment advances and data presented on at ESMO 2021.

ADCs Under Investigation for HER2+ MBC

December 6th 2021

Expectations as to where antibody-drug conjugates in the pipeline will fit into HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer treatment algorithms.

Updates in the Management of HER2+ MBC With Brain Metastases

December 6th 2021

Recent advances in the characterization and treatment of patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer and brain metastases.

Therapeutic Advances in Prophylaxis Against CIN

December 3rd 2021

An overview of therapies used as prophylaxis against chemotherapy-induced neutropenia and projections on improving quality of life for patients with solid tumors with therapeutic advances.

CIN: Adopting SIMBA Therapy Into Clinical Practice

December 3rd 2021

A panel of oncologists react to their interest in using plinabulin as prophylaxis against chemotherapy-induced neutropenia in future clinical practice.

CIN: Implications of the PROTECTIVE-2 Study

November 29th 2021

Implications for treating patients with solid tumor cancers with plinabulin based on quality-of-life data and results demonstrated by the PROTECTIVE-2 trial.

Subgroup Analyses of DESTINY-Breast03 in HER2+ MBC

November 15th 2021

Subgroup analyses of the DESTINY-Breast03 study evaluating trastuzumab deruxtecan as second-line therapy in HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

CIN: Takeaways From the PROTECTIVE-1 Study

November 12th 2021

An overview of the design and results of the PROTECTIVE-1 study of plinabulin versus pegfilgrastim in patients with solid tumors receiving docetaxel myelosuppressive chemotherapy.

Potential Dosing Strategies to Mitigate CIN

November 12th 2021

Considerations regarding the potential to prevent chemotherapy-induced neutropenia with newer therapeutic strategies as well as changes to treatment dosages.

CIN Prophylaxis and Bone Pain

November 12th 2021

Recommendations regarding how to best manage patients who experience bone pain from chemotherapy-induced neutropenia prophylaxis with growth factor support.

Standard Treatment Approaches in HER2+ MBC

November 8th 2021

A global perspective regarding standards of care for treating HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer in earlier treatment settings.

Global Trends in HER2+ MBC

November 8th 2021

Breast oncologists from across the globe react to incidence rates of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer as they relate to rates of progression to brain metastases and treatment advances.

Anticancer Therapy: Safety vs Efficacy

November 5th 2021

Breast oncologists discuss how they weigh the efficacy of anticancer treatment with the possibility of a treatment-related adverse event, like chemotherapy-induced neutropenia.

Managing CIN in Patients With Breast Cancer

November 5th 2021

Preventive therapies and factors that impact how to best mitigate chemotherapy-induced neutropenia in patients with breast cancer.

CIN Prophylaxis: Treating With G-CSFs

October 29th 2021

Advantages, in terms of safety and efficacy, of granulocyte colony-stimulating factors used as prophylaxis against chemotherapy-induced neutropenia.

G-CSFs for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia

October 22nd 2021

Breast oncologists react to the availability of granulocyte colony-stimulating factors, used as prophylaxis against chemotherapy-induced neutropenia.

Guideline Recommendations for CIN Prophylaxis

October 22nd 2021

Current recommendations by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network on chemotherapy-induced neutropenia prophylaxis, with special considerations for managing patients with cancer during COVID-19.

Notable ASCO Trial Updates

July 14th 2020