Vivek Subbiah, MD


Clinical Practice Pearls and the Future of SCLC

August 11th 2022

The panel shares clinical pearls for community oncologists treating small cell lung cancer.

Investigational Agents in SCLC in the Second Line Setting and Beyond

August 11th 2022

Taofeek Owonikoko, MD, PhD, highlights investigational agents and ongoing clinical trials in SCLC he looks forward to.

Choosing the Appropriate Treatment in the Second Line Setting in SCLC

August 11th 2022

Experts provide insights on choosing the optimal therapy in patients with small cell lung cancer in the second line and beyond.

Patient Profile 3: A 70-Year-Old Man with SCLC Receiving Chemotherapy in the Second-Line Setting

August 2nd 2022

Dr Jared Weiss presents the profile of a 70-year-old male patient with SCLC who received chemotherapy in the second line setting for discussion to the panel.

Lurbinectedin for SCLC Treatment in the Second-Line Setting

August 2nd 2022

Dr Vivek Subbiah explains the clinical trial data that led to the approval of lurbinectedin for SCLC treatment.

Second Line Treatment Options in SCLC and Selecting the Appropriate Therapy

July 29th 2022

The panel discusses the second line treatment options in SCLC and how they choose among the various options based on patient and disease characteristics.

Patient Profile 2: A 60-Year-Old Man with SCLC Progressing on First-Line Therapy

July 29th 2022

Vivek Subbiah, MD, MPH, presents the patient profile of a 60-year-old man with SCLC who progressed on frontline therapy.

Ongoing Trials and Real-World Studies in Frontline SCLC

July 18th 2022

Dr Charles Rudin highlights other notable clinical trials and real-world studies in patients with SCLC in the frontline setting.

IMpower 133 Trial and Patient Selection for Durvalumab + Chemotherapy vs Atezolizumab + Chemotherapy

July 18th 2022

Dr Charu Aggarwal shares data from the IMpower133 trial of atezolizumab plus chemotherapy for SCLC, and how to select the appropriate frontline therapy.

Management of Adverse Events Associated with Durvalumab + Chemotherapy

July 11th 2022

Vivek Subbiah, MD, analyzes adverse events observed with durvalumab plus chemotherapy in patients with SCLC and how they can be managed.

Frontline Therapy for SCLC: The CASPIAN Trial of Durvalumab + Chemotherapy

July 11th 2022

Jared Weiss, MD, reviews data from the CASPIAN trial of durvalumab plus chemotherapy in patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer.

Patient Profile 1: A 68-Year-Old Male with SCLC and Brain Metastases

July 6th 2022

Charu Aggarwal, MD, MPH, presents the profile of a patient with small cell lung cancer with brain metastases to spark a discussion on treatment approaches in the frontline setting.

Progress in the Treatment and Management of SCLC

July 6th 2022

The panel discusses how the field of small cell lung cancer treatment has changed in recent years.

Use of the TNM Staging System in SCLC

June 27th 2022

Charles Rudin, MD, PhD, explains the prognostic staging systems used for small cell lung cancer.

Overview of SCLC and Importance of Early Diagnosis

June 27th 2022

Drs Owonikoko and Weiss provide a brief overview of small cell lung cancer and the vital importance of an early diagnosis to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Subbiah on the Efficacy of Selpercatinib in RET Fusion–Positive Cancers

April 13th 2021

Vivek Subbiah, MD, discusses outcomes with selpercatinib in patients with RET fusion–positive cancer.