Yale Cancer Center


Yale Research Reveals “Biologically Older” Tissue in Patients with Breast Cancer

June 20th 2022

An analysis by Yale Cancer Center researchers identified accelerated genetic aging in breast tissue adjacent to breast cancer tumors.

Yale Scientists Develop Precision Medicine Approach to Metabolic Therapy for Breast Cancer

June 10th 2022

Scientists at Yale Cancer Center have found that patients with breast cancer and high levels of insulin in the blood may be responsive to metabolism-targeting treatments, which in turn may improve the effectiveness of subsequent chemotherapy treatments.

Combination Immunotherapy Improves Outcomes for Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

May 20th 2022

The phase 2 clinical trial of a multi-center study known as the COAST clinical trial has demonstrated improved outcomes using immunotherapy combinations for patients with unresectable stage III non–small cell lung cancer.

Yale Findings Broaden the Repertoire of Cancer-Relevant Genes

May 11th 2022

Following an analysis of over 12,000 human genes, research from Yale Cancer Center indicates there is cancer-relevant importance in a much larger proportion of human genes than current cancer research models suggest.

Yale Scientists Discover a New Pathogenic Mechanism in Hematological Malignancies

April 22nd 2022

Scientists at Yale Cancer Center have discovered new consequences of specific gene mutations that play a role in the development of myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia.

‘Decision Switch’ Discovered in Mutations Linked to Common Brain Tumor

April 8th 2022

Researchers at the Yale Cancer Biology Institute have clarified the role of a recurring cancer-associated tumor mutation in glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and most aggressive type of malignant brain tumor.

Yale Cancer Center and School of Public Health Receive Grant to Study Lifestyle Intervention in Women with Ovarian Cancer

April 6th 2022

The National Cancer Institute recently awarded Yale Cancer Center and Yale School of Public Health a new U01 cooperative agreement grant to support research into the impact of diet and exercise for women with ovarian cancer.

New Class of Oncogenic Fusions Revealed in Lung and Pancreatic Cancer

March 24th 2022

A Yale Cancer Center research team has identified novel oncogenic gene fusions in lung and pancreatic cancer, as well as sarcoma. The fusions involve RASGRF1 (an activator of RAS signaling) and promote cellular changes leading to tumor development.

Yale Cancer Center Scientists Create Next-Generation CRISPR Tool to Aid Gene Editing

March 18th 2022

New research led by Yale Cancer Center shows the creation of a next-generation CRISPR-Cas9 “off-switch” and precision tool to aid safe gene editing therapeutics in patients.

Yale Cancer Center Annual Conclave Awards Presented

March 7th 2022

Yale Cancer Center held its annual Conclave award ceremony virtually on February 15 to celebrate scientific and caregiver accomplishments in 2021

Yale Cancer Center Study Shows Many Older Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Not Appropriately Monitored or Adherent to Prescribed Therapy

February 21st 2022

New research led by Yale Cancer Center scientists shows less than a third of older patients with chronic myeloid leukemia had optimal laboratory monitoring and only two-thirds were adherent to TKI therapy during the first year after diagnosis.

Yale Cancer Center Study Reveals Disparities in Telemedicine Use in Patients with Hematologic Cancers

February 17th 2022

New research led by Yale Cancer Center revealed White patients had significantly more telemedicine visits compared with Black patients for hematologic cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ian E. Krop, MD, PhD, Named Chief Clinical Research Officer, Associate Cancer Center Director for Clinical Research at Yale Cancer Center

February 14th 2022

Ian E. Krop, MD, PhD, has been appointed chief clinical research officer, associate cancer center director for clinical research, and director of the Yale Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office.