SGO Annual Meeting | Conference

Analyses Underscore Extent of Frontline Maintenance Niraparib Benefit in Ovarian Cancer

April 11th 2020

The success of frontline maintenance niraparib in the phase III PRIMA trial extends to meeting biomarker-defined and other secondary endpoints and showing positive patient-reported outcomes.

Addition of Trastuzumab to Chemo Boosts Survival in HER2+ Uterine Serous Carcinoma

April 10th 2020

The addition of trastuzumab to carboplatin and paclitaxel resulted in a significant survival benefit in women with advanced or recurrent, HER2-positive uterine serous carcinoma, with the greatest benefit observed in those with stage III/IV disease who received the regimen up front.

Dr. O'Malley on Increased Benefit of Rucaparib Maintenance in RAD51C/D-Mutant Ovarian Cancer

April 10th 2020

David O'Malley, MD, discusses the increased benefit of rucaparib maintenance in patients with ovarian cancer who express RAD51C/D mutations.

Dr. Swisher on the Implications of the VELIA Trial in Ovarian Cancer

April 10th 2020

Elizabeth M. Swisher, MD, discusses the implications of the phase III VELIA/GOG-3005 trial in ovarian cancer.

Dr. O'Malley on Maintenance Rucaparib in Non-BRCA HRR-Mutated Ovarian Cancer

April 9th 2020

David O’Malley, MD, discusses the rationale to evaluate the clinical benefit of rucaparib maintenance treatment following disease progression in a subgroup of patients with ovarian cancer whose disease is associated with a mutation in a non-BRCA homologous recombination gene in the phase III ARIEL3 trial in ovarian cancer.

Dr. Fader on Adding Trastuzumab to Chemo in HER2+ Uterine Serous Carcinoma

April 9th 2020

Amanda Nickles Fader, MD, discusses findings from a randomized phase II trial examining the efficacy of adding trastuzumab to carboplatin/paclitaxel in patients with advanced or recurrent uterine serous carcinomas that overexpress HER2/neu.

Olaparib/Bevacizumab as Frontline Maintenance Improves PFS in Ovarian Cancer, Regardless of Timing of Surgery, Disease Status

April 8th 2020

The combination of olaparib and bevacizumab was found to improve progression-free survival outcomes versus bevacizumab alone as a frontline maintenance treatment in patients with newly diagnosed advanced high-grade serous ovarian cancer, regardless of the timing of surgery or residual disease status after surgery.

Niraparib/Bevacizumab Combo as Frontline Maintenance Shows Promise in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

April 8th 2020

The combination of niraparib and bevacizumab as a frontline maintenance therapy was found to have impressive clinical activity in patients with advanced ovarian cancer who had a complete or partial response to frontline platinum-based chemotherapy plus bevacizumab.

Trametinib Boosts PFS and Response Rates in Low-Grade Ovarian Cancer

April 7th 2020

Trametinib monotherapy has emerged as a new treatment option for women with recurrent low-grade serous ovarian cancers based on improvements in survival outcomes and response rates demonstrated in a phase II/III study.

Analysis Pinpoints Veliparib Antitumor Activity in Ovarian Cancer

April 6th 2020

Adding veliparib to frontline induction chemotherapy increased complete and CA-125 responses compared with chemotherapy alone in patients with high-grade serous ovarian cancer, according to an exploratory analysis of the phase III VELIA trial.