December 2011 | OncologyLive

Minimally Invasive Surgeries Retain Place in Treatment Plan

January 12, 2012

In an era when advances in chemoradiation and targeted therapies have revolutionized treatment in head and neck oncology patients, it's possible that treating physicians might not know where surgery fits into the regimen.

Radium-223 Properties Conducive to mCRPC Care

December 30, 2011

Radium-223, an alpha-emitting radiopharmaceutical, has been shown to improve overall survival (OS) in men with metastatic castrationresistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) in an interim analysis of the ALSYMPCA trial.

The Year's New Drugs: Integrating Advances of 2011 Into Treatment Plans

December 29, 2011

The FDA approved more new oncology drugs in 2011 than it has in a single year in more than a decade, thanks in part to priority review and streamlined evaluation procedures. While this is good news for patients, oncology and hematology specialists must tackle the challenges posed by integrating new therapies into treatment plans. Leading specialists give their perspectives on key issues.

Keeping Patients in Mind: Noted Breast Cancer Researcher Pursues Broad Notion of Personalized Medicine

December 28, 2011

One of a small group of scientists who had a hand in developing Herceptin (trastuzumab) for the treatment of breast cancer, Dr. Debu Tripathy's current work is focused on understanding why some patients are resistant to the drug, and how to create more effective therapies for them.

5 Questions on the Development of p53

December 22, 2011

p53 coordinates a number of antiproliferative programs in response to multiple forms of stress, including low oxygen, depletion of ribonucleotides, hyperactivation of growth signaling, and many forms of DNA damage.