Jane de Lartigue, PhD


Bad Company: Concurrent Mutations Define Unique Subsets of NSCLC

February 18th 2021

The identification of oncogenic driver mutations in non–small cell lung cancer to inform targeted therapy selection is the bedrock of clinical practice in this disease, with current estimates suggesting that more than half of patients harbor an actionable mutation.

RET Joins the Ranks of Actionable Targets in Precision Oncology

February 1st 2021

Over the past 2 decades, a growing number of targetable tumor-specific molecular alterations have been identified, ushering in the era of precision oncology. Now, alterations in the RET gene can be added to the list of druggable targets.

Novel Strategy Gains Traction Against HRAS-Mutant Cancers

January 14th 2021

Despite decades of research and drug development, however, the therapeutic utility of targeting RAS is limited to ruling out treatment with certain drugs in patients without RAS mutations.

TILs, the Ultimate in Personalized Immunotherapy, Move Closer to Market

November 24th 2020

November 24, 2020 - Until now, the field of cell-based immunotherapy has been dominated by chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, with groundbreaking FDA approvals for 3 drugs across several types of hematologic malignancies. In solid tumors, however, CAR T-cell therapies have yet to gain ground.

NRG1 Fusions Hold Promise as Pan-tumor Target

November 17th 2020

The identification of chromosomal rearrangements that result in oncogenic gene fusions ushered in the era of molecularly targeted therapies in oncology.

NEDD8 Emerges as a Novel Target in Hematologic Malignancies

October 8th 2020

Investigators are developing a new way to target a key oncogenic mechanism that may prove to be an effective anticancer strategy, particularly against hematologic malignancies.

Interest Builds for Targeting TIGIT Checkpoint

September 15th 2020

TIGIT, an inhibitory immune checkpoint that plays a central role in limiting antitumor responses, is attracting robust interest in the research community as a novel target for combination therapies across a range of cancer types, particularly solid tumors.

New Era for Targeting HER2 Beckons in Breast Cancer and Beyond

September 3rd 2020

Precision medicine advancements are opening a new chapter in the development of anticancer therapies that target the HER2 pathway, resulting in 3 approvals for breast cancer in less than a year and raising hopes for attacking other cancer types.

Fresh Approaches May Be Key to Unlocking OX40 Checkpoint

August 21st 2020

Considerable efforts have focused on developing agonists of costimulatory receptors, including OX40.

HRD Testing Heralds a New Biomarker, but Questions Linger

August 5th 2020

Homologous recombination, one of the major mechanisms of defective DNA repair, has emerged as a bona fide therapeutic target, yet its optimal use as a biomarker for patient selection remains a clouded scientific question.