Vol. 21/No. 12 | OncologyLive

New Strategies for Targeting CD38 in Multiple Myeloma Take Root

June 26, 2020


During the past 5 years, therapies targeting CD38, a protein highly expressed on the surface of plasma cells, have helped fuel the rapidly growing treatment options for patients with multiple myeloma.

COVID-19 Is Expected to Have Long-term Impact on Oncology Practices

June 25, 2020

Feature Article

The rapidly developing nature of our knowledge about the coronavirus disease 2019 and the need to respond quickly to the pandemic are prompting community oncologists to search for ways to maintain their practices while improving the quality of care for their patients.

Evaluating the Nonmetastatic CRPC Landscape: What Have We Learned?

June 18, 2020

Feature Article

A panel of experts provide their insights on how and when they are using novel imaging versus conventional imaging. They also discuss the data regarding the FDA-approved AR-targeted therapies, how they select between them, and their strategies for mitigating any adverse events.

AI Makes Inroads Into Oncology Practice

June 17, 2020

Feature Article

Oncology practices large and small are starting to tap into the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence to help identify patients at risk of relapse or adverse effects and to assist in making clinical decisions on care.