Vol. 21/No. 19 | OncologyLive

Targeted Therapy Options Transform AML Paradigm

October 09, 2020


An increased understanding of the biologic intricacies of acute myeloid leukemia has led to the identification of more than 100 driver mutations associated with the disease, opening the door for targeted therapies with clinically meaningful outcomes for patients who are not candidates for intensive chemo-therapy regimens.

Palliative Care Can Address Gaps in Oncology Landscape

October 09, 2020

Palliative medicine has evolved to become a standard for high-quality cancer care, helping patients relieve suffering throughout their journey, improving quality of life, and prolonging survivorship.

Discussing Sexual Health Early Holds Benefits for Patients With Cancer

October 08, 2020

Maintaining sexual function is often low on the list of priorities for a woman recently diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer, but raising the subject early in her treatment course may make the patient more willing to engage in a discussion as her care progresses.

Emotional AEs Remain a Blindspot in Oncology Care

October 06, 2020

Patients with cancer continue to find their health care providers “more helpful” in managing physical adverse effects resulting from cancer therapy compared with emotional or mental health AEs.

OncLive® Honors 15 Cancer Care Pioneers

October 06, 2020

The 2020 class of Giants of Cancer Care® award winners hail from around the globe, coming from locales such as Lagos, Nigeria; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.