September 2013 | Urologists in Cancer Care

Lessons From the Great Lakes

October 22, 2013

We as physicians, especially surgeons, tend to operate on the same principle: When things go bad, especially when revenue goes down, we just work harder and see more patients, with the expectation that it will correct and we can maintain.

United in Tulsa: Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma Is a Model of Collaboration

October 04, 2013

USO co-founders John Forrest, MD, and Robert Bruce, MD, have known each other since the fourth grade. They both attended medical school at the University of Oklahoma and, after some time away from home, ultimately joined two different, well-established practices in north and south Tulsa.

AUA Issues Recommendations for PSA Screening in Prostate Cancer Detection

September 27, 2013

At a time of controversy regarding the value of PSA screening in the early detection of prostate cancer, the AUA has issued a new clinical guideline on the subject and launched an educational campaign designed to share the information with urologists and their patients.