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Open access to unbiased data repositories of molecular and clinical data will be essential to accelerating future discoveries in precision medicine.
Anthracyclines widely used for a variety of malignancies cause cardiotoxic effects that manifest as cardiomyopathy. Maya E. Guglin, MD, PhD, discusses supportive therapy for these patients.
The natural products produced by microbes found in the environment have led to major therapeutic breakthroughs for a variety of conditions ranging from infectious disease to cancer.
John A. D'Orazio, MD, PhD, associate professor, Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center, discusses ongoing research exploring ultraviolet radiation signature mutations in patients with melanoma.
Kathleen L. O'Connor, MD, professor, associate director of Cancer Education, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center, discusses the ongoing research in the field of breast cancer.
The field of cancer biology is entering a postgenomic era in which most types of human cancer will have been extensively sequenced through efforts such as The Cancer Genome Atlas and the International Cancer Genome Consortium.
The efforts of the Kentucky LEADS Collaborative offer a unique opportunity to change the face of lung cancer in Kentucky by harnessing new lung cancer care and control strategies.
Kentucky's only NCI cancer center, Markey focuses on bringing the latest therapies to its home state.
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