Audience Q&A: Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Advanced NSCLC


Closing out their discussion on the treatment paradigm of advanced NSCLC, key opinion leaders review emerging targets and ongoing clinical trials.


Stephen V. Liu, MD: I know we have a few other questions in the chat. [Here is] 1 question I can ask you: what are some of the promising agents or trials in development for patients with advanced lung cancer?

Neal Ready, MD, PhD: Clearly, fortunately and excitingly, there are numerous other targets like TIGIT, GITR, and LAG-3. LAG-3 has been validated as a target for melanoma treatment in a randomized trial, so there are multiple new immune targets in active study in phase 2 and 3 trials. I also think we’re getting to the point where it won’t be too long before we have TIL [tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte] therapy, and a lot of the technical problems associated with CAR [chimeric antigen receptor] T-cell therapy and epithelial cancers is being overcome. Before long we’ll have a whole menu of immunotherapy the way some of the hematologic malignancies do.

Stephen V. Liu, MD: I absolutely agree. We heard news from a press release that the addition of a TIGIT, an anti-TIGIT, didn’t meet its primary end point or PFS [progression-free survival], but we haven’t seen those data, so we’re waiting to see its impact on overall survival.

Neal, thank you very much for joining me in this discussion. We’re at the top of the hour, so thank you for all your expertise, [in addition to] all the work you’ve done to bring these regimens to light. Thank you for that. Also, thank you to the audience. We hope you found this OncLive® seminar series discussion to be engaging and helpful to your understanding of the management of patients with non–small cell lung cancer. It’s a rapidly evolving field, so we’re grateful you’re able to join us tonight. I look forward to seeing you soon in person, and I hope you all have a good night.

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