2021 ASCO Virtual Meeting: Leukemia TALK - Episode 3

GIMEMA LAL2116, D-ALBA, Updated Results and Prognostic Impact of IKZF1 in Ph+ ALL

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Robin Foà, MD, leads a discussion on the primary takeaways from the GIMEMA LAL2116, D-ALBA trial, particularly the prognostic impact of the IKZF1-plus genotype and the Ikaros mutation.

Data from the following presentations are discussed:

  • Updated results of the, D-ALBA trial, for newly diagnosed adults with Ph+ ALL. (Chiaretti, EHA 2021 S112)
    • Efficacy: In the updated 2-year follow-up from the GIMEMA LAL2116 trial, molecular responses to treatment with dasatinib and blinatumomab were noted in the majority of enrolled patients. An overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) of 87.8% and was 79.8%, respectively was observed. Notably, a greater DFS rate was demonstrated in patients achieving a molecular response upon induction/consolidation treatment compared to those who did not (100% vs 75.9%, respectively; p=0.028). Furthermore, a greater DFS benefit was noted in those patients with an IKZF1-plus genotype.
    • Safety: A high incidence of CNS (central nervous system) involvement wasrecorded in addition to 3 relapses. Additionally, 3 deaths in CHR (complete hematologic remission) were documented.

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