An Update on Immunotherapy in Liver Cancer - Episode 4

KEYNOTE-224: Improving HCC Outcomes With Pembrolizumab


Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD: We’re in San Francisco at the ASCO GI Symposium, and it’s an incredible meeting because quite a bit on liver cancer, or HCC, is going to be presented. As you probably already know, Dr. Zhu from Massachusetts General Hospital reported on the KEYNOTE-224 study, which looked into pembrolizumab in the second-line setting based on a phase II trial.

As I mentioned about nivolumab, there has been a clear response rate that’s evident in regard to pembrolizumab, which is in the 15%-plus range, and was a favored outcome in regard to progression free survival, PFS, and overall survival, OS. But understand we are at least within the context of the phase II data. The response rate is probably what you are after. By all means, this is a nice positive outcome study that might provide an opportunity for further options in regard to the checkpoint inhibitors.

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