Women in Oncology: Early Experiences as a Female Oncologist

Laura Farrington, DO, Elesyia Outlaw-Evans, MD, and Ruchi Garg, MD, discuss their early experiences as female oncologists and some of the gender-related challenges they faced during their careers.

Laura Farrington, DO, a medical oncologist at CTCA Chicago; Elesyia Outlaw-Evans, MD, a radiation oncologist at CTCA Pheonix; and Ruchi Garg, MD, CTCA Program Director of Gynecologic Oncology and gynecologic oncologist at CTCA Atlanta, discuss their early days as female oncologists.

The 3 experts sat down to be candid and discuss their variety of experiences throughout their career, what the culture of their work environments were like, the obstacles they came into contact with and how they overcame them, and how society has changed from their early days until now.

In this episode, the experts highlight their early experiences as female oncologists and some of the challenges they faced along the way.

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