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Associate Director of Editorial, Print
Anita T. Shaffer is your lead editorial contact for OncologyLive®, a twice monthly clinical news publication. A 10-year veteran of MJH Life Sciences™, she has been at the helm of the publication since shortly after joining the company in 2010. Before becoming an oncology journalist, she held a variety of editorial positions at The Times of Trenton, including metro editor. Email:


New Tissue-Agnostic Treatment Options Emerge

August 2nd 2022

The menu of tissue-agnostic oncology drug approvals is growing, generating new treatment options for patients with rare cancers and strengthening the rationale for broad next-generation sequencing.

Genomic Testing Challenges Persist

May 5th 2022

Although molecular biomarkers are becoming increasingly relevant in cancer care, community oncologists confront a plethora of challenges in translating research findings into practice.

Chemoimmunotherapy Anchors Frontline Treatment in Metastatic TNBC

March 4th 2022

Patients with newly diagnosed metastatic triple-negative breast cancer should undergo PD-L1 expression testing on tumors to determine whether they are candidates for frontline chemoimmunotherapy.

Novel Immunotherapy Combos Target TIM-3 and PD-1/PD-L1 Networks

January 7th 2022

The immune checkpoint TIM-3 is shaping up to be a viable target for designing therapies for patients with non–small cell lung cancer and other malignancies.

Adjuvant Advances Shine at ASCO 2021

July 1st 2021

Novel therapeutic strategies are poised to expand in adjuvant settings for patients with early-stage disease facing recurrence risks in the treatment paradigms for a range of tumor types after positive data from large phase 3 clinical trials were highlighted at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting

ODAC Hearings on 6 Immunotherapy Indications Set to Begin

April 26th 2021

The FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee is poised to move forward this week with a public review of 6 indications for immune checkpoint inhibitors granted under the agency’s accelerated approval process that later failed to reach thresholds for statistical significance for key end points in confirmatory clinical trials.

Oncology Community Mourns Joseph V. Simone, MD

January 23rd 2021

Joseph V. Simone, MD, a pioneering clinical investigator and institutional leader in pediatric oncology who was recognized with a 2017 Giants of Cancer Care® award, died January 21 at the age of 85.

ctDNA Shows Promise as a Potential Biomarker for MRD in Locally Advanced NSCLC

November 9th 2020

Maximilian Diehn, MD, PhD, discusses how the use of circulating tumor DNA to analyze minimal residual disease status in patients with lung cancer and other solid tumors is a rapidly developing field with the potential to further personalize treatment decisions about adjuvant therapy.

Novel Antibody Elicits Complete Remissions in NHL After CAR Relapses

December 8th 2019

Mosunetuzumab, a novel bispecific antibody, generated durable responses in patients with highly refractory non-Hodgkin lymphomas, including complete remissions in 22.2% of those who had previously received chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy.

New Strategies Needed for TKI Resistance in EGFR+ Lung Cancer

June 1st 2019

The development of tyrosine kinase inhibitors has revolutionized the treatment of EGFR-mutant non–small cell lung cancer in recent years, but new strategies are needed to overcome resistance mechanisms that promote disease recurrence.

New Options for Low-Risk, HER2-Positive Tumors Featured in Research Overview

May 7th 2014

Fresh insights into outcomes for patients with low-risk, HER2-positive breast cancer suggest that adjuvant chemotherapy regimens with or without trastuzumab (Herceptin) should be considered as options for managing this growing population

Experts Debate Utility of Genomic Profiling in Daily Practice

April 23rd 2014

Although the potential for next-generation sequencing of breast cancer tumors to improve treatment strategies is widely recognized, questions swirl about the optimal use of such increasingly available technologies in clinical practice for today's patients.

AR Findings Highlight Detailed Tumor-Profiling Study

April 21st 2014

A wide-ranging analysis of more than 5500 breast cancer tumors that combined genomic and protein expression testing has identified promising targets to explore for treating patients with poor prognoses, with particularly notable findings involving androgen receptor (AR) expression

Getting a Better Look at Lung Nodules: Cell Scan Delivers Images Without X-rays An Interview With Thomas Neumann, MD

March 15th 2011

The search for a screening tool that can help detect lung cancers at early stages has been a focus of research aimed at the leading cause of cancer death in the United States.

Priming the Pipeline: 5 New Drugs in Works

March 7th 2011

There's been a flurry of activity in recent weeks when it comes to oncology drug filings at the FDA. While every application is unique, the agency is required to decide within 60 days whether a new drug application (NDA) will move forward for a full review.

A New Look in Print, Expanded Offerings Online Set to Debut

March 6th 2011

Intellisphere, the publisher of Oncology Net Guide, will launch a dynamic Internet oncology news and information hub in March, along with a rechristened version of the print magazine linked to the vibrant new content on the Website.