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Author | Brad Kahl, MD


Dr. Kahl on the Utility of Tafasitamab/Lenalidomide in DLBCL

July 14, 2020


Brad S. Kahl, MD, discusses the utility of tafasitamab combined with lenalidomide in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma who are ineligible for CAR T-cell therapy.

Dr. Kahl on Efficacy of Targeted Agents in Relapsed/Refractory Indolent Lymphomas

April 15, 2020


Brad Kahl, MD, discusses the efficacy of targeted agents across indolent lymphomas.

Dr. Kahl on Treatment Strategies for Indolent Lymphoma

March 25, 2020


Brad Kahl, MD, discusses treatment strategies for patients with indolent lymphoma.

Dr. Kahl on BTK Inhibitor Time-Definite Trials in CLL

February 12, 2020


Brad Kahl, MD, discusses trials looking at time-definite therapy looking at BTK inhibitor combinations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.