Cheryl Alkon


Building Foundations for Understanding Drug Mechanisms in Oncology

August 18th 2019

A 2018 Giants of Cancer Care award winner for Drug Development, Joseph R. Bertino, MD, was an early pioneer in developing the understanding of methotrexate and its administration in cancer. His work has served as a platform for much broader investigation into the optimal use of other cancer agents. Along the way, Bertino has mentored many leaders in oncology and hematology and earned international recognition.

Master of the Whipple Gave Hope, Extended Lives

August 19th 2018

John L. Cameron, MD, is most commonly associated with the refinement of Whipple procedures; these extensive surgical operations became far more successful thanks to his dedication.

Rai Helped Launch an Age of Innovation in Leukemia

August 5th 2018

Kanti R. Rai, MD, has been a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia for more than 40 years. He was honored in the Hematologic Malignancies category with a 2017 Giants of Cancer Care® award.

Motzer Helps Set the Pace of Discovery in Kidney Cancer Research

May 17th 2018

Robert J. Motzer, MD, has been at the forefront of research into renal cell carcinoma for nearly 30 years, with his work contributing to the approval of at least 8 new drugs.

An Early Voice for Breast Conservation Therapy Reflects on a Changing Field

March 17th 2018

As a trailblazer who helped breast cancer treatment evolve from radical mastectomy to the judicious use of radiation therapy with limited tumor removal, Samuel Hellman, MD, is considered one of the world's premier radiation oncologists.

Von Hoff's Quest Is for a Cure in Pancreatic Cancer

December 27th 2017

Daniel D. Von Hoff, MD, is focused on developing more targeted therapies for those with pancreatic and other advanced cancers.

Doctors Unwilling to Trust Similarity of Biosimilars

May 13th 2015

The FDA's approval in March of the first biosimilar drug for the US market has aroused much concern among physicians.

CMS Starts Cutting Pay for Doctors Who Don't Measure Up

April 14th 2015

The new Value-Based Payment Modifier program from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services may not be high on the list of concerns for the average oncologist, but its impact could be huge.

How Oncologists Stay Current in Today's Medical Landscape

October 6th 2014

In 2014, the amount of medical and other information has only increased, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets make it even easier to access that data.

Transforming Oncology Payments From Fee for Service to Value

May 6th 2014

Cancer is challenging in many ways. Trying to contain the costs of disease management may be the biggest challenge of all.

Expanding Your Practice to Include a Dispensing Pharmacy

March 25th 2014

When she first heard about the idea of an onsite dispensing pharmacy, Diane Gerards-Benage wondered if the venture could be successful, given the change in cancer treatments from intravenous to oral methods, and the promise of an automated system to track prescriptions and other procedures

To Merge Or Not To Merge?

February 28th 2014

For 18 years, Thomas Whittaker, MD, worked as an independent oncologist and as a physician partner in Central Indiana Cancer Centers, a private practice group of 17 doctors that provided medical and radiation oncology care to patients with cancer.