Christin L. Melton, ELS


Exciting New Options Emerge for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

March 18th 2020

During a recent OncLive Peer Exchange®, experts in breast cancer research expressed optimism that new therapies would improve outcomes for patients with this challenging disease.

Experts Take Stock of Frontline Immunotherapy Combos in NSCLC

January 9th 2020

During an OncLive Peer Exchange program, an international panel of lung cancer experts provided perspective on key findings regarding various immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) combinations and data concerning potential biomarkers of response to ICIs in non–small cell lung cancer.

Novel Targeted Therapies Show Promise in Cholangiocarcinoma

December 17th 2019

During a recent OncLive Peer Exchange® roundtable, experts discussed novel targeted agents for cholangiocarcinomas progressing through the pipeline, such as infigratinib and pemigatinib, which are selective pan-inhibitors of FGFR fusions/translocations being evaluated in phase III trials.

Momentum for Change Builds in Recurrent Advanced Breast Cancer

October 16th 2019

New treatment approaches for patients with relapsed or refractory advanced breast cancer are making their way into clinical practice or are on the horizon.

Experts Dissect Key Findings for Progressive Gastric and GEJ Cancers

September 20th 2019

Although chemotherapy combinations remain standard first-line therapy for advanced or metastatic HER2-negative gastric or gastroesophageal junction (GEJ) cancer, strategies for progressive disease have shifted to include antiangiogenic agents and immunotherapy.

New Approaches Are Shifting the Landscape in Immune Thrombocytopenia

June 24th 2019

During a recent OncLive Peer Exchange discussion, a trio of immune thrombocytopenia specialists review clinical trial data that led to approval of the second-line agents, talk about efforts to refine first-line treatment, and discuss how they approach therapy selection for refractory patients. Finally, they highlight emerging therapies for ITP and the need to expand the pipeline.

Emerging CRC Treatments Highlight Need for Biomarker Testing

May 19th 2019

With multiple biomarker-directed clinical trials for metastatic CRC expected to produce data within the next few years, experts in gastrointestinal oncology who took part in a recent OncLive Peer Exchange® program recommended that clinicians become more proactive about incorporating genomic and immune markers into their decision making.

Durvalumab Results Spark Hope for Progress in Advanced NSCLC

April 16th 2019

During an OncLive Peer Exchange® discussion, moderator Mark A. Socinski, MD, and other lung cancer experts from across the United States discuss what, in this context, the PACIFIC trial results mean for practicing oncologists and their patients.

CDK4/6 Inhibitors Make Impact in HR-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

December 19th 2017

The introduction of cyclin-dependent kinase 4/6 inhibitors has resulted in a significant paradigm shift in the treatment of hormone receptor–positive breast cancer, helping to make the new agents part of rapidly developing improvements in personalized care for patients.

International Panel Describes Evolving Challenges in HCC

November 2nd 2017

Although new therapies are being rapidly introduced in the hepatocellular carcinoma field after years of clinical trial disappointments, clinicians face many challenges when treating patients with this malignancy, including delays in diagnosis and comorbidities.