Gina Battaglia


CRC Tumor Sidedness Plays an Increasing Role in Clinical Practice

October 31st 2022

Prognosis, treatment outcomes, and molecular characteristics have become associated with sidedness in colorectal cancers making the distinction an essential characteristic for consideration in decison-making.

Big Data Strives for Individualized Coverage

February 21st 2017

Healthcare spending is one of the largest expenses for a company and, more and more, employers are using population-based Big Data to ensure their employees have coverage tailored to their needs at a reasonable cost.

Value Tools Are Still Missing a Few Pieces

November 23rd 2016

Assessing the value of treatment options has become much more complex over the past several years, according to Constantine Mantz, MD, chief medical officer and radiation oncologist at 21st Century Oncology in Fort Myers, Florida.

Automating the Search for Financial Assistance

September 8th 2016

Higher insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays, along with the increased cost of cancer care, have made it more complicated to find aid.

Going Beyond PD-L1 for Predictive Biomarkers in Lung Cancer

August 15th 2016

Biomarkers, such as immune cell PD-L1 expression, mutational burden, and immune system activation should be investigated further to clarify the mechanisms behind response and nonresponse to immunotherapy in patients with lung cancer.

Combination of Immunotherapy and Lung Cancer Therapies Potential Game-Changer, But Needs Further Research

August 9th 2016

Paul A. Bunn Jr, MD, discussed how combining immunotherapy with chemotherapy, molecular therapy, or anti-angiogenic therapy has shown promising results in recent randomized trials of patients with lung cancer, although the combinations have yet to demonstrate clear superiority.

Finding Time for Stress Relief Increasingly Difficult for Oncologists

June 15th 2016

Many doctors in oncology are pushing themselves to the extreme, and longer workdays have become a fact of life.

Waste and Abuse Hidden Behind Unnecessarily Large Packaging

April 21st 2016

Peter Bach, MD, is heading the Evidence Driven Drug Pricing Project, a 3-year initiative that will pilot value- and indication-based payment structures for drugs, funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

CMS Pay Cut Proposal Draws Fire

April 12th 2016

A newly proposed drug reimbursement plan from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid has oncology associations up in arms, whereas a well-known patient advocate and oncologist says he sees method in the payment scheme.

Alaskan Oncology Practices Operate by Remote

March 3rd 2016

Obtaining quality cancer care in Alaska is often difficult and expensive owing to the sparse highway network and the scattered nature of the state’s population of 736,000 people, who are spread out over more than a half-million square miles.