Gina Battaglia, PhD


Immunotherapy Research in Oncology Focuses on Resistance

December 19th 2019

Research into the mechanisms that promote resistance to immune checkpoint blockade therapies suggests the need for new strategies for patients with immunorefractory disease.

Targeting Mesothelin May Yield Results in Hard-to-Treat Solid Tumors

May 22nd 2019

Mesothelin, a protein found on cell surfaces and in serum, has emerged as a promising target for immunotherapy-based treatment approaches for several malignancies with poor prognoses and limited treatment options. Investigating novel approaches to optimize delivery and identifying combinations of agents to synergistically improve therapeutic response will be the next steps in bringing mesothelin-targeted therapies into the clinical setting.

Evidence Builds for MicroRNAs as Biomarkers and Targets in Multiple Cancers

May 3rd 2019

Since they were discovered nearly 30 years ago, microRNAs have emerged as novel targets for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

FGFR Alterations Emerge as Enticing Target in Multiple Tumor Types

March 29th 2019

Aberrations in fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) signaling are an emerging focus for targeted therapy across multiple types of cancer, particularly urothelial carcinoma, gastric cancer, and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

More Data Are Needed For EGFR-Targeted Agents in NSCLC

February 14th 2019

Edward B. Garon, MD, discusses the landscape of EGFR-targeted therapy in non–small cell lung cancer.

EGFR and ALK Inhibitors in NSCLC Lead to Resistance Challenge

February 13th 2019

Treatment strategies moving forward will likely involve development of new targeted TKIs with greater potency and specificity against resistance mutations and different kinase selectivity, sequencing of targeted therapies based on the resistance mutations that develop from prior therapy, and development of combination regimens to target bypass signaling tracks.

Drugs Make Progress in Breaching the Blood-Brain Barrier

January 4th 2019

Novel agents are showing impressive ability to cross the blood–brain barrier and impair tumor development in several malignancies, raising the prospect of achieving a long-elusive goal of anticancer therapy.

The ALK Story: Rapid Bench-to-Bedside Journey Helps Set New Pace for Cancer Drugs

June 15th 2018

Alice T. Shaw, MD, PhD, and D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, discuss the evolution of ALK-targeting therapies, the impact on the drug development paradigm, and the prospects for future advancements.

New Strategies Emerge for Urgent Care in Oncology

May 15th 2018

The incidence of emergency department visits and subsequent hospitalizations among patients with cancer is relatively common. Cancer-specific urgent care, pathways for symptom management, and more education for patients and healthcare providers are among the approaches that are being implemented to address patients’ needs and manage costs.

Avoiding Unnecessary Surgery and Radiation in Low-Risk DCIS

March 21st 2018

Research suggests that many cases of DCIS have a low risk for progression and may not require surgical excision and radiation therapy.