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The OncLive CAR T-cell therapy condition center page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights on FDA-approved and investigational CAR T-cell products in hematologic malignancies, specifically acute lymphoblastic leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. CAR T-cell research in solid tumors is also under exploration. This page features news articles, interviews in written and video format, and podcasts that focus on updates with CAR T-cell therapy and the ongoing research with this type of treatment.

FDA Approval Insights: Brexucabtagene Autoleucel in Relapsed/Refractory B-ALL

November 1st 2021

Dr. Shah discusses the FDA approval of brexucabtagene autoleucel in relapsed/refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, key findings from the pivotal ZUMA-3 trial, and next steps with CAR T-cell therapy in the field.

COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies Should Consider Infection Risks for CAR T-Cell Therapy Recipients

October 28th 2021

Although CAR T-cell therapies have demonstrated unprecedented activity in patients with heavily pretreated relapsed/refractory hematologic malignancies, they are marked by a significant risk of infections and may limit the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

Abid on Optimizing COVID-19 Vaccines in CAR T-Cell Therapy Recipients

October 21st 2021

Dr. Abid discusses immune-compromising factors that are indigenous to CAR T-cell therapy recipients, the immunogenic potential of different COVID-19 vaccines, determinants of vaccine responses, and the potential need for booster vaccine dosing in this population.

Miami Cancer Institute’s HIV/Cancer Clinic Utilizes Multidisciplinary Care to Improve Outcomes

October 15th 2021

Marco Ruiz, MD, discusses the new HIV/Cancer Clinic and its goals, challenges faced with patients who have cancer and HIV infection, and clinical trial opportunities that strive to move the needle forward.

Dr. Abid on the Potential Impact of CAR T-Cell Therapy on COVID-19 Vaccination

October 14th 2021

Muhammad Bilal Abid, MD, MRCP, discusses the potential impact of CAR T-cell therapy on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations.

CAR T-cell Therapy CTX110 Shows Early Promise for Relapsed/Refractory CD19+ B-cell Malignancies

October 13th 2021

The allogeneic CD19-targeted CAR T-cell therapy CTX110 was found to elicit encouraging responses with favorable tolerability in patients with relapsed or refractory B-cell malignancies, according to data from the phase 1 CARBON trial.

Cellular Therapy Strategies Offer the Prospect of Deep Remissions for Multiple Myeloma

October 8th 2021

The FDA approval of the first chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in March 2021 for the treatment of relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma represents a significant advance.

FDA Places Clinical Hold on Select Allogeneic CAR T Trials After Report of Chromosomal Abnormality

October 8th 2021

The FDA has placed a hold on clinical trials examining Allogene Therapeutics, Inc.’s allogeneic CAR T-cell therapies for patients with cancer, following a report of a chromosomal abnormality in ALLO-501A CAR T cells in a patient who received treatment in the phase 1/2 ALPHA2 study.

FDA Approves Brexucabtagene Autoleucel for Relapsed/Refractory B-ALL

October 1st 2021

The FDA has approved brexucabtagene autoleucel as a treatment for adult patients with relapsed/refractory B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

FDA Approval Sought for Axicabtagene Ciloleucel for Second-Line Relapsed/Refractory LBCL

October 1st 2021

A supplemental biologics license application has been submitted to the FDA to expand the current indication of the CAR T-cell therapy axicabtagene ciloleucel to include the second-line treatment of adult patients with relapsed/refractory large B-cell lymphoma.

Dual-Targeted CAR T-Cell Therapy Shows Intriguing Activity in Relapsed/Refractory B-Cell Malignancies

September 24th 2021

Treatment with CD19-22.BB.z-CAR, a bispecific CAR T-cell therapy targeting CD19 and CD22, elicited high response rates and was well tolerated in adult patients with relapsed/refractory, CD19-positive B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia and large B-cell lymphoma.

FDA Grants Fast Track Status to HER2-Targeted CAR Macrophage CT-0508 for Solid Tumors

September 22nd 2021

The FDA has granted a fast track designation to the HER2-directed CAR macrophage CT-0508 for use as a potential therapeutic option in patients with solid tumors.

Dr. Cohen on Mitigation Strategies for CAR T-Cell Therapy in Multiple Myeloma

September 21st 2021

Adam D. Cohen, MD, discusses mitigation strategies that can be used for patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma who are receiving the CAR T-cell therapy ciltacabtagene autoleucel.

Dr. Herrera on the Potential for Frontline CAR T-Cell Therapy in DLBCL

September 20th 2021

Alex Herrera, MD, discusses the potential for CAR T-cell therapy in earlier lines of treatment for patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Dr. Van Rhee on the Clinical Implications of CAR T-Cell Therapy in Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma

September 17th 2021

Frits van Rhee, MD, PhD, discusses the clinical implications of CAR T-cell therapy for patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.

Dr. Patel on Mitigating CAR T-Cell Therapy­–Related CRS in Multiple Myeloma

September 16th 2021

Krina K. Patel, MD, MSc, discusses mitigating CAR T-cell therapy–related cytokine release syndrome in multiple myeloma.

Dr. Anderson on the Challenges Faced With CAR T-Cell Therapy in Myeloma

September 16th 2021

Larry Anderson, MD, PhD, discusses the challenges faced with CAR T-cell therapy in patients with multiple myeloma.

Dr. Shah on Unmet Needs With CAR T-Cell Therapy in Multiple Myeloma

September 15th 2021

Nina Shah, MD, discusses unmet needs with CAR T-cell therapy in multiple myeloma.

Racial, Social Disparities Linked With T-Cell Lymphoma Outcomes

September 11th 2021

Existing racial and socioeconomic disparities among patients with T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma continue to lead to obstacles with access for newly available treatment options.

CAR T-Cell Therapies Show Promise Across Indolent Lymphomas

September 10th 2021

CAR T-cell products targeting CD19 are eliciting clinical activity in patients with indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma, as seen in the ZUMA-5, SCHOLAR-5, and ELARA trials, but longer follow-up will showcase the true potential of this treatment in this subpopulation.