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The Understanding of Immunotherapy Biomarkers Is Rapidly Evolving in Oncology

June 29th 2021

The landscape of immunotherapy biomarkers is rapidly evolving, and future developments are likely to have an impact on patients and clinicians alike.

Targeted Therapy Paradigm Grows in NSCLC, While Overcoming Resistance Represents Next Hurdle

June 29th 2021

The field of targeted therapy for patients with non–small cell lung cancer has grown exponentially in recent years, with inhibitors for RET, MET exon 14 skipping, and KRAS G12C mutations transforming the paradigm.

Using NGS to Inform More Than Diagnosis in Myeloid Malignancies

June 29th 2021

Next-generation sequencing plays a critical role in the diagnosis of patients with myeloid malignancies, but it also plays a necessary role in the identification of passenger mutations and subclonal events that go beyond founding drivers.

Dr. Burtness on the Efficacy of Checkpoint Inhibitors in Head & Neck Cancer

June 29th 2021

Barbara Burtness, MD, discusses the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of patients with head and neck cancer.

Dr. Graham on Utilizing Biomarkers to Guide Treatment in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

June 29th 2021

Rondell Graham, MBBS, discusses utilizing biomarkers to guide treatment for patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

New Diagnostic Algorithms Have Prognostic Implications in Endometrial Cancer

June 25th 2020

Endometrial cancer tumor types are traditionally categorized through a combination of histologic molecular subtyping and clinical staging; however, the incorporation of new diagnostic algorithms may have clinical implications for treatment.

Utility of Minimally Invasive Plasma-Based NGS Expands in NSCLC

June 23rd 2020

Plasma-based next-generation sequencing continues to offer a minimally invasive, highly specific modality to identify patients with actionable alterations in non–small cell lung cancer.

Assessing the Actionability of KRAS Mutations in NSCLC

June 23rd 2020

KRAS mutations are found in approximately in 25% of all NSCLC, and it was not until recently that the previously coined “undruggable target” showed signals of actionability with KRAS mutation–specific therapy, tumor-suppressor–specific therapy, and anti-inflammatory therapy.

Dr. Galsky on Sequencing Questions in Urothelial Cancer

June 23rd 2020

Matthew Galsky, MD, discusses sequencing questions in urothelial carcinoma.

Dr. Weber on Research Efforts Examining Neoadjuvant Approaches in Melanoma

June 23rd 2020

Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD, discusses research efforts examining neoadjuvant approaches in melanoma.

Dr. Halmos on Recent Advancements in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

June 23rd 2020

Balazs Halmos, MD, MS, discusses recent advancements made in non–small cell lung cancer.