January 2013 | Oncology & Biotech News

Advanced Prostate Cancer: Therapeutic Sequencing, Outcomes, and Cost Implications

February 07, 2013

There is a dramatic revolution under way in the treatment of advanced-stage prostate cancer, which for many years consisted of systemic chemotherapy that offered only palliation of symptoms and no hope of improved survival.

HER2 Mutations Identified as Treatment Targets in Patients With HER2-Negative Breast Cancer

February 05, 2013

Patients with breast cancer who do not exhibit amplifications of the HER2 gene may still have mutations of HER2 that drive the progression of their cancer, suggesting that these mutations could serve as therapeutic targets.

Study Suggests Patient Age Should Factor Into CLL Treatment Selection

January 30, 2013

Research from the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center suggests that chlorambucil may be better than fludarabine in treating older patients with CLL, and that rituximab is beneficial regardless of age.