June 2015 | Oncology Business News®

Florida Doctors Trade Independence for Security in Epicenter of Merger Wave

June 04, 2015

The array of services and opportunities with which Florida Cancer Specialists provides its physicians, while still allowing them a high degree of autonomy, has proved a powerful draw since the group was founded as a solo practice by William Harwin, MD, in 1984.

ASCO Offers Data Sharing to Help With Value Transition

May 28, 2015

PracticeNET is an initiative emerging from ASCO's Clinical Affairs Department designed to help practices learn from one another's successes as they move farther away from fee-for-service and toward increasingly cost-effective models of care.

Physicians Struggle With Antiquated Reimbursement for Next-Generation Testing

May 22, 2015

The growing use of genetic biomarker tests to screen, monitor, diagnose, and treat patients with cancer has the potential to improve outcomes and reduce costs, but payment systems for covering and reimbursing for these tests have fallen behind the times.

Drug Revenues May Migrate to Specialty Pharma

May 14, 2015

The rising number of oral oncology drugs that can be supplied through pharmacy networks rather than administered in clinical settings, such as intravenous drugs, has many physicians worried that they are losing control of an important part of the therapeutic process.