March 2016 | Oncology Business News®

Top 3 Must Do's to Prepare for Managed Care in 2016

March 24, 2016

Although there still are many unknowns, especially in light of this being an election year that will bring a new administration, it’s already very clear how the transition to value is affecting oncology practices.

"Press '1' to Speak to Your Next Patient"

March 12, 2016

In this month’s issue of Oncology Business Management, we take you to Hawaii and Alaska to peel back the curtains on how oncologists in remote corners of the United States have innovated to keep their businesses vibrant and effective.

Hawaiian Oncologists Surf Lower Pay, Fewer Resources

March 08, 2016

Oncare Hawaii is unusual in the autonomy it affords to its doctors. Each physician sets his or her own hours, recruits most of his or her own patients, and then becomes the only Oncare physician to see those patients.

Community Practices Say Moonshot May Sputter

March 04, 2016

Physicians who have been active in clinical trials programs were divided in their opinions of how well the Moonshot initiative would succeed, and whether it would benefit independent oncology practices.

Alaskan Oncology Practices Operate by Remote

March 03, 2016

Obtaining quality cancer care in Alaska is often difficult and expensive owing to the sparse highway network and the scattered nature of the state’s population of 736,000 people, who are spread out over more than a half-million square miles.