December 2015 | OncologyLive

Experts Urge Early Therapy and Less Delay in Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

December 15, 2015

Amid an expansion of therapeutic options for men with advanced prostate cancer, evidence is building that introducing recently developed agents and regimens earlier in the treatment timeline can benefit patients in several disease settings.

Practicing Oncologists May Not Find Answers They Need in Clinical Trials

December 14, 2015

Although legitimate questions have been raised over the years regarding the generalizability of clinical study results in the nonresearch setting, patients with cancer have benefited greatly from the appropriate conduct, completion, and ultimate reporting of such trials in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

Holland's Quest to Help Patients Cope With Cancer Launched a New Field

December 09, 2015

Jimmie C. Holland, MD, whose emphasis on patients’ psychosocial needs helped humanize cancer care, was honored in the Supportive Care category with a 2014 Giants of Cancer Care® award, a program that the Intellisphere® Oncology Specialty Group launched to honor leaders in the field.

No Patient Left Behind

December 03, 2015

The search for biomarkers that can help clinicians match patients with effective therapies continues at a torrid pace in oncology. Yet in the parlance of basketball, not all biomarkers translate into slam dunks when it comes to clinical utility.

PD-1 Inhibitors Advance Rapidly for Broad Cohort in NSCLC

December 01, 2015

As the class of agents targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway expands in non–small cell lung cancer, so does the potential population of patients who would be candidates for the groundbreaking immunotherapy.

Autophagy Modulation May Be a Novel Approach to Treatment of Advanced Cancers

November 29, 2015

Although prolonged autophagy can result in cancer cell death, recent investigations suggest that therapy-induced autophagy is a reversible response that promotes cancer cell survival, and thus may diminish the efficacy of some therapeutic agents.